Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is, by far, the most important airport in the Greater Toronto area with more than 180 destinations and almost 40 million passengers a year. Needless to say, parking at the airport is not cheap.
The location of the airport within a reasonable distance from downtown Toronto makes public transport a reasonable option for some travelers. However, if you time is of the essence or if you live a bit further away from the airport, you may want to take your own car. You have three options:

1. The On-Site Option: $105-$350 per week
Parking at the airport can be quite expensive. If you’re gone a week, it will set you back at least $100 at the most economical lot, where you will have to wait around 8 minutes for the link in off-peak times. Another potential problem is the inability to reserve a spot, which can be frustrating in peak times and requires prior planning.

2. The Sleep Option: $75-$150 total
If you’re driving a long distance and you have an early flight, a hotel night’s stay on the eve of your flight may not sound like a bad idea. It could even be a pre-vacation vacation. Some hotels around Toronto Pearson allow you to leave your car for the remainder of your trip if you stay at least one night at the hotel. This way you will wake up fresh and benefit from the free airport shuttle.

3. The Hotel Parking Option: $41-$63 per week
If you would like to benefit from the hotel parking and facilities but do not wish to stay the night at the hotel, there is an even more affordable option: a traveler can book through a trusted engine that guarantees a parking spot at a hotel near the airport, and a free shuttle service to and from the terminal.
OneStopParking has several affordable and convenient parking locations around Toronto Pearson International Airport.


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