Travelers from the Greater Toronto Area are spoiled for choice when it comes to airports, but not a great deal of information is available about your parking options if you are traveling from airports around Toronto. Other than the 4 passenger airports on the Canadian side of the border (Toronto Pearson, Hamilton, Billy Bishop, Waterloo), there are a handful of accessible airports across the border, including Detroit DTW, Buffalo BUF and Niagara Falls IAG.

For the savvy traveler, this could translate into hundreds of dollars worth of savings on each trip. While Toronto Pearson serves an impressive 180 destinations globally, having one of the most expensive airport fees for airlines means sometimes you overpay for a trip. That said, Toronto Pearson also offers an impressive list of low cost destinations through airlines such as Frontier, SunWing, TAM, Westjet, WOW (starting in May 2016) and Air Transat.

Hamilton YHM Airport houses alternative airlines such as Air Transat, Sunwing Airlines and Westjet. Buffalo BUF Airport houses JetBlue, Sunwing and Southwest among others, with cheap destinations including Las Vegas, New York, Florida or Cancun. Detroit DTW Airport includes Spirit Airlines, JetBlue and Frontier.

The main worry for people who want to save through their airport browsing is that the transportation/parking costs offset the initial savings. This is no longer a concern thanks to affordable airport parking solutions, allowing drivers to use cheaper alternatives and capitalize on their savings.

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