According to Buffalo Niagara International Airport, up to 2 million Canadians cross the border every year to fly from Buffalo Airport every year. The reason is simple, Canadians can save up to 20% total when opting to fly from BUF to Florida, Las Vegas or California. This is largely thanks to lower airport taxes and fees across the border.

If you’re¬†crossing the border, it would be useful to check wait times and if you’re a frequent traveler then perhaps a Nexus card will make your life easier.

If you’re driving from Toronto or its suburbs to Buffalo, You have several parking options:

The On-Site Option: $50-$120 per week
While the lower end is cheaper than average airports, you will be parking a considerable distance away from the terminal and would therefore require a shuttle/transportation. Moreover, you cannot reserve in advance so you cannot guarantee a spot. This may force you to upgrade last minute.

The Sleep Option: $120 total
Many travelers reported paying approx. $100-$140 for a one-night stay at a hotel in Buffalo, including parking for the duration of their trip and a free airport shuttle. This option is useful if your flight is early morning and you don’t want to wake up at 3 am to drive to the airport.

The Hotel Parking Option: $35 a week
The most affordable and convenient option is to book through a trusted engine that guarantees you a parking spot at a hotel of your choice near the airport, and a free 24hr shuttle service to and from the terminal.
OneStopParking provides the best rates in the market where from just $5 a day, you can reserve your parking spot, have a coffee at the lobby and then be transported by a shuttle to your terminal.